Our Causes

Economic Empowerment

In Kenya, the official unemployment rate is 40%, but in informal settlements, this statistic is much, much higher. Migration from rural parts of Kenya increases competition for employment and makes the job search fruitless for many. Without opportunity for formal employment, many turn to running small businesses or finding work informally, where profits are low and the work is both risky and irregular.

Majority of the youth below the age of 25 years engage in crime in order to make a living through stealing. Because of the designation as an informal settlement, the community lacks services that help businesses, like waste management and water. Meeting community need and seeing an opportunity for income, these services are instead provided by the community.

42+F therefore engages in economic empowerment through encouraging informal community settlers to develop their own solutions to the community challenges that have a triple bottom effect by conserving the environment, creating employment opportunities and generating profit for sustainability. Flagship projects in economic empowerment include Environmental Waste Management Enterprises, Designing of Business Incubators for Startups and Providing Youth Employability Services to the Community.